1)  All rules must be obeyed.

2)  You must sign in at the clubhouse before shooting.

3)  The Range Officer is in charge.

4)  No Alcohol before or during your range time.

5)  No Armor Piercing ammo.

6)  Do not shoot at Steel Targets with rifles inside 200 yards.

7)  Only shoot at targets in your lane.

8)  Leave your action open when not firing.

9)  Always keep muzzle pointed down range.

10) Always wear eye and ear protection on firing line.

11) Use Safety & Common Sense at all times.

12) Pick up your trash and put your brass in the proper containers.

13) No firing on the pistol line while the long range shooters are resetting their targets.

14) Shooters are responsible for damages to target stands.


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